Green Clay

Product Description

Creamy clay mask

Does NOT dry completely.

Fuller’s Earth!

get it here clay mask

Clay masks are especially suitable for oily skin / skin with acne ,.

Clay contains various minerals.

This mask is on the basis of Fullers earth
And thus for the extremely oily skin

Although clay can be good for oily skin, it is very important to have a clay mask NEVER COMPLETELY LET DRY.

Then, the mask draws namely the moisture from the skin and may go as irritate the skin. And for that, of course you do not use a mask.


A clay mask does not dry!

It prevents scrubbing it clean, which also is  useful if you want to avoid irritation.

Do you have sensitive skin? Then, white clay is a better choice

This mask is intended for skin and hair

Look around the eyes.

What’s in it?

Solum fullonum (Fuller’s earth)
sesame oil
vitamin E
Tea Tree
grape extract


* Contains linalool.


Thin layer, 10 minutes to soak, rinse with lukewarm water

Scalp / hair: Same, but rinse thoroughly and then wash with shampoo.


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