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Currently shipping to:

Netherlands  (2,50-3,95)

Belgium          (3,95-6,99)

Spain    *

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Denmark *

Germany        (3,95-6,99)

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* Shipping is 14,50 (I know, they are expensive here) Shipping is flat rate

Why is my country not listed?

Probably because shipping is too expensive.

I have decided that you don’t want to pay for that.

What about payment options?




Bank transfer (CHECK RATES with your bank!!)

I want to buy a vitamin C serum. What is the difference between your Vitamin C serum and the SkinCeuticals Serum C E Ferulic serum ? 

I must say I have never used the skinceuticals products. Mine wasn’t meant as an alternative, however I believe it is.


the price. Ours is 14,95 euro for 15ml

The amount of vitamin C. I have a skin condition, high amounts of vitamin C cause my skin to burn, therefore ours contains 5%.

Can I use the 4% niacinamide face cream on mature skin

Niacinamide cream is also useful in  ” mature ” skin. I always cringe at the word mature associated with skin . Some blogs have you ripe at  25 . Sorry , I digress. The answer is: Yes. Niacinamide is a good anti-aging ingredient . It can also help according sommig research with pigment spots . It is advisable to use either the niacinamide cream in the evening and in the daytime a day cream with SPF , or use it during  the daytime and wear make up over  it with an spf. . Sun causes wrinkles but you probably already knew .

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