Ri cosmetica is a Dutch company founded in 2014. By ME!


I have struggled with rosacea, acne and seb derm for the most part of my life. With skin conditions like these, it’s not easy finding skincare products that don’t make your skin worse.

I used to wake up in the middle of the night becauseĀ  the stuff I put on my face before bed was burning my face off.

Anyway, since there was no skincare for me in the world, I decided enough was enough. I sought out some BIG companies for help, and one of them replied.

They have been great and tadaaa, my own skincare.

All products are produced under strict EU laws.

The products are sold on my dutch website: ricosmetica.nl

All are in the 10-20 euro price range.

The English on this website may be a little iffy for native speakers at times, but google doesn’t do a better job at translations, therefore product descriptions can be found here!